KatKor is the new, reliable way to diagnose bladder stones

KatKor is a cat litter that is non-absorbent and therefore very suitable for collecting urine samples.

If bladder stones (uroliths) is suspected, it is now easier for your vet to differentiate the various types of bladder stones, (calcium oxalate crystals, urate crystals and struvite crystals).
Due to a recent increase in cases of calcium oxalate crystals, it is extremely important to be able to differentiate the various types of crystals. It is also easier to choose the right diet for your cat: an anti-struvite diet or a diet to treat oxalate or urate urolithiasis. Your vet can now determine more accurately when to change over from a diet that reduces inflammation to a diet that prevents recurrence.

KatKor offers you more

KatKor can be used for collecting urine samples for protein, glucose, acetones, blood and weight analysis. KatKor is also suitable for collecting faeces samples for worm eggs and digestion markers. If a urine sample is required for bacterial analysis, however, an aseptic bladder tap is advised.

KatKor guarantee

KatKor is the trademark of a copolymeric product certified by BGA (Bundesgesundheitsamtes) and FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) as being safe in connection with food preparation. Research by AZU (Academic Hospital in Utrecht, the Netherlands) showed that KatKor in no way influences pH levels, protein levels or white/red blood cell count in (human) urine (December 1996, FL projects). A study on similar litter granules showed that the granules did not absorb or emit calcium, magnesium or phosphate (Z. Versuchstierkd. 1990; 33; 259-263).


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